You’re here because you’re at a critical turning point in your life.
The one where the burning desires in your heart have stirred.

You feel the intense calling to spark social change,
make a positive difference + contribute to a better world.

To unearth your full potential as the loving, strong woman you were born to be
and no longer be held back by uncertainty, fear, or sabotaging thoughts + habits.

To create the adventures your heart longs for, have the money to sustain you
and be surrounded by others each carving out new ways of living + being.

This is your time to shine. You have an impact to make.
I will help light your way as you reclaim your power
and pursue your passions + higher purpose.

Born Amanda Helena (Kilotat),
most know me as Mandie.
Founder + Chief Changemaker at Soul Strategies.
Spiritual warrior. Eternal optimist. Tea lover.
It’s my mission in life to empower and mentor women to make a difference. 

I have over 15 years’ experience working and volunteering nationally and internationally in non-profits, government agencies and enterprises working for the social good.

More recently, I have been a career coach, both privately and at a university, for over six years supporting clients to discover their unique gifts and career callings.

What I have to come to believe is:

  • We all have a unique, powerful contribution to create a better a world
  • The world won’t change until we do, so we need to put as much energy into changing ourselves + our lives as we do into changing the world
  • A woman with a clear vision and the right resources + support is an unstoppable force
  • We are so much stronger, resilient and capable than we give ourselves credit for
  • With the right attitude and inspired, consistent action, anything is possible

The credentials: I am a postgraduate degree qualified career practitioner, certified life coach, Reiki Master and hold a business degree in international business + human resource management. Mentoring with me is a holistic transformational process – we touch on all aspects of your life you want to change. I access the power of positive psychology, neuronutrition, mindfulness, spirituality, parts work, Emotional Freedom Techniques and non-violent communication to assist my clients to create lives with passion and purpose.

My style is intuitive, practical, deep + honest.

The highlights reel:


  • I have long wanted to make a difference. As a teenager, I raised money for charities. Wrote letters to the editor protesting rodeos and animal cruelty (a radical move in a small Australian country town!). I delivered passionate speeches on human rights atrocities. I even volunteered in a nursing home (they thought I was on court-ordered community service as they couldn’t believe a teenager would do it voluntary).
  • My spiritual seeking began when I questioned the meaning of life after my father died unexpectedly when I was 16.
  • I used smoking, alcohol, drugs to ease my pain, along with developing bulimia.
  • I was a high achiever who compulsively studied in my final year; scoring in the top 3% of the state.


  • Left my 8-month marriage to my childhood sweetheart, age 23.
  • Undertook Aussie rite of passage on two-year working holiday in London (little sleep, lots of drugs).
  • Age 28, sold my apartment, quit my job and absconded to volunteer for a small, rural Romanian orphanage.
  • Meditated and explored my God consciousness in psychedelic workshops attempting to heal bulimia.
  • Scored a coveted role working for CouchSurfing International in Thailand and Alaska.
  • Undertook an epic 4000km hitchhiking adventure + travel blogged my way through it all.
  • Partied, partied, partied.


  • Was not invited to continue with CouchSurfing when they created their California headquarters
  • Realised I wanted to change the world, but had to change myself first (aka sort my shit out)
  • Returned home and gave up drugs, binge drinking, smoking, chemically-induced processed food.
  • Dove into two silent retreats – a three-day DIY at home + ten-day vipassana
  • Followed inner voice to learn Reiki in Byron Bay for three weeks and never left.
  • Wound up living in a forest, off the grid on solar power + rainwater. Lots of nature, silence, Reiki, healing, meditation.
  • Retrained as a life coach + scored job as university career coach + lecturer.


  • Full of inspiration, I birthed Soul Strategies in 2010.
  • Relapsed with bulimia during 12-week fitness challenge (ironically won + featured in Women’s Health + Fitness Magazine)
  • Soul Strategies put on hold while I endured darkest year of my life battling bulimia.
  • Discovered power of neuronutrition to successfully heal bulimia and kick my sugar habit (4 + years sugar-free now – woot!).
  • Unearthed my most loving, balanced, calm, empowered self.
  • Relaunched Soul Strategies in 2015 to support other women heal, change + expand into their potential.
  • Spreading joy and glitter in 80’s flash mob dance theatre group, The Cassettes since 2015

I am no stranger to taking leaps of faith, facing my shadows and the challenges of learning to love + believe in myself.

I am passionate about helping other passionate women like you do the same.

This is not for the faint hearted, the disillusioned or the victims of circumstance. I am here for the courageous, the bold, the believers and dreamers who know in their hearts what is possible.

It’s the path of the brave my friend and it’s a wild ride for those who dare.

mandie signature

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is
less than the one you are capable of living”

Nelson Mandela

We respect your privacy. Always.


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