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Allowing or pushing? That is the question - Soul Strategies
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It is quite a radical concept to exist in this modern day society and not be pushing, striving or trying to make something happen.

I think most of us tend to think of ‘allowing’ as some passive act that is impractical and unrealistic in ‘the real world’.

What does allowing even mean?

Right now, in my life, it means giving myself permission to act only when I am inspired to do so.

To tune into myself in any given moment and ask ‘what needs expressing right now? What I am called to do next?’.

And the allowing part, means I allow myself to be guided by these inner nudges and trust all my needs will be met. That I don’t have to go out and push to make things happen before they are ready.

Take this beautiful blossoming business of mine for example. Now financially, I need it to be cranking right now.

But try as I might, I cannot force the creative process to come any quicker than what it is.

I can show up and do the work on clearing the blocks and obstacles that stand in the way of this creative energy, but I cannot push it. Creative, divine inspiration doesn’t work by pushing. Believing we can control things like that is one of the most egotistical aspects of our nature.

It says ‘move over Universe, I’ve got this covered – if I just work hard enough, then I can make it happen and get what I want’.

But existing in this allowing space is a whole new way of being. It says ‘Universe, I trust you. I trust you know what I need and desire and I will show up in the moment and do what you are calling me to do. I trust you enough to allow my life to unfold, moment-by-moment’.

Entering into this allowing space means I don’t just need to trust the Universe; I need to trust myself.

Can I trust myself to get out of the way?

Can I trust myself to clear my fear and doubts?

Can I trust myself to open up to what is possible?

Can I trust myself to bring myself back into presence and not be swept away by negative thoughts – to breathe my whole focus into the moment right in front of me and see it’s perfection?

Because I am learning this is what it takes to fully allow.

I cannot fully allow the Universe’s divine support if I am in fear about things working out.

I cannot fully allow if I ignore the impulses or messages I get about what to do in that moment; if I question the impulses to walk on the beach, read that book or spend time with precious friends.

Because I see that part of myself, the ego and my logical left-brain, say ‘you need to be working harder to make things happen Mandie’. You cannot afford to rest, play and socialise. My conditioning from this masculine world tells me I have to work hard, push and struggle in order to get what I want.

And don’t even get me started on the doubts my ego throws up when I am guided to express my inner self through my work. You want me to do what!? To say what!? To offer what!?

My ego wants me to remain socially acceptable. It fears judgement, shame and vulnerability. So it’s safer to stay contained – to keep myself stuffed in the box I believe will keep me safe.

But this whole allowing things means connecting to what wants to be expressed and having the courage to express it.

So allowing isn’t a passive act that means we sit back and expect or hope the Universe will provide for us. Trust me, I tried that after watching The Secret, believing all I had to do was hold the vision of what I wanted and ‘allow’ it to come into existence.

No, true allowing is an active co-creating partnership between me and the Universe. I gotta show up and do my bit. She expects me to dance with her – to allow her to lead and swing us around this kaleidoscopic dance floor we call life. In return, she will open up possibilities and opportunities for me that I couldn’t have even dreamed up myself. All I am asked to do in each moment is tune in and allow what is being called to exist.

What awesome things come from tuning in! It took me to the beach this morning and it allowed this blog post to come into existence. I didn’t squash these impulses down because they weren’t on my to-do list. I surrendered and expressed and hopefully made your day a little brighter in the process 🙂

How can you open to allowing more deeply today precious woman?

Love Mandie x