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Are you harnessing these 2 powerful words? - Soul Strategies
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Do you ever forget to take your own advice?

One of the initial steps I take a new client through is to become clear on the vision for who they want to be.

It’s the first step to make change in your life.

You need a clear vision of the woman you are committed to becoming to fuel your motivation to make the necessary changes. 

My clients write about their best selves – their qualities and priorities; what makes them proud; what inspires them; how they nourish their body, mind and spirit; how their lives are different.

It is the same process I did when I first arrived back to Australia, determined to find a new way of being in the world beyond addiction.

I knew I was meant for something more, 
and I was committed to creating it. 

I wanted purpose and meaning.
I wanted to feel good about myself and my choices.
I wanted to be free from the unhealthy habits holding me back.

This vision of who I wanted to be inspired hope within me.

“If you can dream it, you can do it” has long been a mantra close to my heart.

And it worked!

Through a messy, chaotic, perfectly divine journey I found my way through the darkness and am so much the woman I knew I could be.

But it occurred to me on the weekend – it’s been seven years since I sat down to write – who am I committed to being in the world?

The two most powerful words to our subconscious are I AM.

Our subconscious dutiful follows orders to whatever we place after those two words. Imagine the power we create by consciously choosing who we are.

I inscribed ‘WHO I AM’ at the top of my journal page…
and begun to assert the deepest wishes in my heart of who I am. 

It turned into the most potent piece of writing I have created.

I re-read it back out loud to myself numerous times and with each line, my heart expanded and my energy lifted.

I could feel myself rising up energetically to meet this new vision I had of myself. 

I believe in what I do.
I believe in myself.
I help others believe in themselves too. 

These words have become a chant in my mind, 
lovingly and firmly supporting me to shine more brightly. 

I am committed to reading this manifesto for WHO I AM out loud each morning and night.

Are you ready to become the woman you came here to be?

Set aside the time to envision her and bring her to life by reading it daily.

This simple exercise will begin to instil new thoughts and beliefs within you, which will inspire new actions.   

It is these new actions that will create the change you desire.

Let me know how this works for you!

Love Mandie xx