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No time to meditate, try this - Soul Strategies
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I had to write and share this brilliantly simple and effective technique I learnt yesterday.

It was developed by the HeartMath Institute and Deborah Rozman shared it while speaking about how to tap into our heart’s intelligence on the Reboot your Brain Summit.

Pretty sure we’ve all heard about the benefits of meditation. There are over 3000 scientific studies attesting to it!

Meditation lessens stress and anxiety, helps us feel more calm and balanced, improves clarity and reduces addictions.

But I know myself that as soon as I get busy, sitting down to meditate can quickly drop off my to-do list, no matter how good I know it is for me.

So I LOVED this technique as it gives you all the benefits of meditation but only takes minutes to recharge us…and we can all find that amount of time in the day.

It’s called Quick Coherence and aims to create harmony between our head and heart, by shifting our emotional state and calming our mind. 

Righto, you ready?

Step 1. Heart focus – close your eyes and focus your attention on your heart area in the centre of your chest. You may like to place your hand there too.

Step 2. Heart breathing – as you focus on your heart, imagine your breath flowing in and out of the centre of your chest.

Step 3. Heart feeling – as you breathe in/out of your heart area, recall something that makes you feel appreciative. It could be someone you love, beautiful experiences you’ve had, good things in your life or anything that brings up positive feelings for you. Allow the good feelings to expand within your heart and body.

That’s it!

Doing this for a few minutes will trigger positive physiological changes in your body, helping you feel greater peace and happiness. 

It will be easy to incorporate throughout my day as a mini-reset button – start of the day, as a work break, before I go to sleep, on the toilet even!

Deborah said this is a great way to deepen our meditation practice too, as it will quieten our mind more quickly, so a great way to begin your meditation.

Let me know how it works for you!

Love Mandie xx

Ps – you can still sign up for free for the Reboot your Brain Summit. Leah will make all interviews available at the end so you can listen to Deborah’s interview or any of the other experts sharing how we can optimise our brains to improve our lives. I am learning so much and am more convinced than ever that our brains are the key to tapping into our highest potential. Sign up here.