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Remember why you came here - Soul Strategies
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What a sacred, synchronistic weekend I just had. I love it when that happens!

I had a big week of growth, insights and awareness last week.

To help integrate my lessons, I found my way to Medicine Dance on Friday night. It is a meditative dance practice and I love it.

It was an unusual evening as I liked EVERY song played by the facilitator, a delightful sister Marnie Hudson.

One in particular I loved so much I did a very un-meditative-like thing and retrieved my iphone from my bag so I could Shazam it and get the details of the song (I think Shazam is one of the wonders of the modern world).

I fessed up to Marnie after the dance (mainly so she wouldn’t think I was checking my messages or texting during the dance – because I have such a ‘good girl’ complex, lol). She told me it was a song by Peia, who she had seen in concert a few weeks ago – Peia describes herself as a an ancient song preserver and she has the voice of an angel.

The following day Marnie happened to see that Peia was doing a fundraiser concert on Sunday night for local indigenous tribes and sent me the invite. I didn’t think at the time I could go, so left it at that.

But Saturday night rolls around and I head to a friend’s place for dinner and he starts telling me about this song that captured his heart so much he repeatedly listened to it one evening. He said ‘you can’t help but feel good when you listen to this song!’. So of course that prompted me to order him to find it on YouTube again and play it for me. And he was right, it did make me feel good!

It was another song by Peia that is currently going viral (check it out here).

Whoa. I told him about my experience at dance the night before and the fact she was playing in concert. Long story short, we went to the concert last night.

And what a touching, memorable experience it was. I was deeply moved by the evening with her and the other musicians sharing the stage with her.

If you have a chance to see this woman, do it. She is from Portland, Oregon but travels extensively. Check out her tour dates on her website.

She transported me right back to my heart and the collective heart we share with one another.

These are the words from the song that moved me so much at dance, which she played again last night. I think it’s a beautiful mantra for those of us searching for our truth and committing to live in such a way that the sacredness of our life’s journey is honoured and the world nourished by our presence.

“Blessed we are
to dance on this ground
with the rhythm of saints to carry the sound.
We hold a prayer for the Earth,
for the ones yet to come –
May you walk in beauty and remember your song.
Remember why you came here.
Remember your life is sacred.
Remember why you came here, remember this life is sacred.”

Have a beautiful week ahead.

Love Mandie x