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In their words…

My coaching with Mandie was life changing. Mandie helped me identify and overcome the obstacles that were preventing me from moving forward in my life. I now have a thriving new career and business.  

Mandie’s professional support and encouragement has been integral to that process and I am grateful for her wisdom.

If you are feeling stuck in any aspect of your life or career, this is the woman you need to talk to.

Tash Morton

Director, Waste Management Consultancy, Northern NSW

Mandie asked me the questions I never thought to ask myself. I had been undervaluing my own work but was never fully aware of my responsibility for my own career frustration until working with Mandie. The revelation hit me consciously but I could never have predicted the effect it had on my work. Suddenly I was in charge! 

I took control of negotiations in the following months in a way I had never found the strength to do before.
To my own surprise, it worked. Incredibly well!

In the month after my coaching, I generated more in donations for one of my films than I had made in the two years prior! This figure continues to rise. 

I’m now working at the helm of a career I always wanted to create.

Mandie helped me realize with clarity the small changes that would make all the difference. It was the most impactful coaching I’ve ever had.


Laura Garber Gamse

Filmmaker, USA

Hi Mandie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with my application.

I can honestly say that I would not have landed this dream job overseas without you. Your attention to not only the small details but the overall vision of my application meant that I ended up with a coherent application and CV that hit all the selection criteria clearly. I think the most important detail here is that you allowed my personality to shine through, but in a manner that showcased me as a great applicant for the job.

I don’t give my recommendations lightly, but I recommend your services and skills to anyone. Thank you again.


Lecturer, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Ireland

My session with Mandie was one of the most valuable things i have ever done.

Mandie filled me with confidence and somehow managed to uncover an underlying passion that had been dampened by my work environment for over 10 years. I still don’t know how she did it! She listened attentively and offered great advice – both strategic and operational e.g. budgeting!

I feel very fortunate to have met Mandie. Don’t think any further about this – just do it!

Dr Sinead Boylan

Public Health Researcher

How do you describe an experience that changes your life?

Through the process of reflecting on my career, discussing it and doing powerful visualisations, I was able to see that my challenge was to manage my anxiety rather than to change my job.

Working with Mandie transformed my perspective. She is not only a beautiful, warm, open soul, she’s exceptionally skilled in her field. I am forever grateful to her.


Teacher + Refugee Advocate, Australia

I was always a dreamer aware of my deep desire since early in life to make a positive impact on this world. Once I turned 30 and my second child reached 1, I felt called to attend to this deep part of myself. I was unsure if anyone could work with me in the capacity I wanted; I wasn’t looking for therapy or conventional careers coaching.

From my first conversation with Mandie I knew I had found my woman. After our very first session I stepped back out into the world with a new perspective, with tools and a trust in the process to find my calling.

An unexpected sequence of events led me to a path I had not foreseen and I witnessed an enormous shift in my life.

I am now full of purpose and clarity on the change I can make through a movement that will radically change how we educate our children. There’s no denying it feels scary but I am in total flow – my dream is becoming reality in a way I never imagined possible.

Bex Horsfall

Education Activist, Australia

I had a great experience working with Mandie and am forever grateful for her support and the knowledge she shared with me.

I didn’t have a specific career goal when I set out to work with her, so much as a need to get my head on straight about what I wanted out of my personal and professional lives and how to integrate the two. I’ve found myself in the “same place” repeatedly in my life, feeling unhappy, a little hopeless that things will ever change, and generally discontent. There was no obvious reason for that, but still, I’d come back around to those feelings more often than I cared to.

Mandie helped me understand that all of this stuff, and even more of the “stuff” that I struggled with, can’t be fixed externally. It’s about how I treat myself and how I relate to myself. It has to change from within. She gave me the tools to start this process of change and most importantly, she gave me the support I needed to start making the changes and I have hope now that things will be different going forward.

Mandie was able to see through all the stuff that overwhelmed me and bring into focus the core issues that needed to be examined in order to find direction. It’s been an empowering experience and I am so grateful for her help!


Registered Nurse Practitioner, USA

When I met Mandie I was six years post cancer and watching myself fall back into the same rut I was in when I was first diagnosed. I lacked direction and was incredibly unfulfilled in almost every area of my life.

I was still discovering for myself what my life should look like post-cancer. My values had changed and my dreams were different than they use to be. I found myself silenced by those around me and subsequently I felt incredibly stifled.

Mandie allowed me to be completely myself and was the first person in a long time who dared me to dream.  Never did I fear judgement but only encouragement to step more and more into my own skin.  It was in this space that I allowed myself to reconnect with my potential.

That was about six years ago. Today I am the founder and facilitator of Beyond Cancer Support Network, a place for cancer survivors to create their new normal. I left the corporate world behind and started my own massage business specialising in relaxation massage and I am about to embark on the next phase of my grand plan and head back to uni to study nursing.

I wanted someone real, honest and raw, someone who had stood face to face with their own adversities, and someone who walked the talk.  This someone was Mandie. Her enthusiasm is highly infectious.  She nurtures you with her love and caring so you feel supported. She will challenge you so you grow into the strongest version of yourself.  I met Mandie as a coach and today we share an inspirational friendship.

Tanya Rabe, Brisbane Australia

Beyond Cancer Support Network

Working with Mandie is the absolute best decision I have ever made. I have always known that I was meant to live a big life that would positively impact the world. The thing that was stopping me from living my big life was my dark past. Mandie helped me to get clarity on my vision and purpose. Her program helped me to become visible and vulnerable about my journey and my story. She supported me in sharing my story with the world, in a way that honored me. I am a new person.

I can do and be anything I desire. She helped me heal my wounds and my brain from toxic sugar, which gave me my confidence and emotional health back. I feel like everything in my life is better.

Her program is top notch and her coaching is world class. I am unbelievably grateful for all that she has done for me. Mandie helped me take my life back so that I may live it fiercely, intentionally and purposefully.


Rhonda Smith

Lifestyle Architect and Success Coach, Portola, California USA

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